5 Tips for Optimizing Amazon Affiliate Widgets

Amazon offers its affiliates a host of widgets, links and banners that you can quickly install on your website. But to make the most of these features, you’ll want to take a few minutes to customize them. Here are a some of the things you can do. We’ll concentrate on widgets, specifically the My Favorites Widget and the Search Widget.

Select products individually.

If you want to make sure that only products you’d recommend to others show up on your website, you’ll want to look up and add each item manually rather than relying on a keyword search. You will also be able to add your own comments on each product if you want (see further down below). To search for a product when creating a My Favorites Widget, type the brand name or title in the “Search Amazon.com to find your products” search box and click “add product” when you see the item.

It shouldn’t be hard to come up with a list of products if you are familiar with the subject and know what’s out there. However this is a tedious process so it’s not for everybody.

Use a default keyword in the search box.

For the Search Widget, it can help to choose a default search term, such as your target keyword for the page it appears in. When you set a default search term, it means that the Search Widget will initially appear with a list of products based on that keyword. While on the Search Widget customization page, check the box for “Use default search term” and enter your keyword(s). Amazon will display results targeting that word or phrase.

Customize the color scheme.

Amazon gives you some control over the background and text colors of your widgets. Choose a theme that complements your website, not one that makes it stick out like a sore eye, and the adjust the colors if desired. To do this with the My Favorites Widget, select your products and then click “Next step” on the bottom right of the product list. Choose a design and theme under “Color and Design” and use the color buttons to make changes. By the way, I recommend using standard widget sizes under “Display Options.”

Add a short comment on each product.

Comments tell the visitor that you added each item personally and that you know what you are talking about. Too often we see Amazon affiliate banners and widgets that seem nothing more than advertisements– people tend to ignore these. But add a comment – a summary of your thoughts on that item – and it looks more personal. To add comments in My Favorites Widgets, finish adding your products, look under “Added to widget” on the right column and then click “add comments.” Type a short remark and click “save comments.”

Verify that your Amazon links work.

Finally, check your affiliate links to make sure they work and that you’ll get credit for every sale. When you log in to your Amazon affiliate account, look under “Links and Banners” at the top menu and click “Link Checker.” Now go to the page where you’ve inserted your Amazon widget. Right-click a product and copy the link. Paste the link into the Link Checker. If it is a valid Amazon affiliate link, it will say “Success.” If it says “Fail,” the link is invalid. Do this with all your Amazon links to prevent loss of revenue.

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